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Experienced manager in several professional fields, large international exposure in trade and manufacturing, always worked in dynamic situations. More than 15 acquisitions, integrations, structured finance, turnarouds and restructuring, green field manufacturing operations, large SAP implementation Skills : very analytical, very fast understanding of (complex) situations, leadership, very good communicator and motivator. Decisive I refer to my LinkedIn profile for detailed info. Excellent references

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Business Economics Erasmus University Rotterdam 1984 Universiteit Afgerond


mei 14 - heden

Interim management projects:
. Advising China Investment Corporation for the establishment of a management center in Luxemburg to manage (mainland) European real estate investments.
. Advising Revetas LLP for the growth of a pan central European commercial real estate platform
• Advisory for potential partnering in patented low cost construction technology in developing countries
• Partner in developing a niche business in a financial product for participating pension funds

jan 00 - dec 13

Private Equity at ZBG Group
Group CFO/CEO Consumer Finance/CEO:
Large M&A transactions: from 10 mln to over 100 mln euro's, incl. arranging for acquisition finance
Large structured financing: several securitization transactions between 600 mln and 1 bln euro's
Real estate transaction finance upto 600 mln euro's
Strategic management

Major projects/transactions over time:

• Delmonte Europe:
Gaining control with management 50%. Merger discussions with TPG (Delmonte U.S.A.) and Philippine group (Delmonte Asia) to put Delmonte global back together (USD 2.5 billion sales). These
discussions failed and eventually we sold, after difficult negotiations, to co shareholder Cirio, Italy. I
managed the rather complex closing mechanisms.

• IPO in 2002 of Nutripharma, a Norwegian biotech start up around cholesterol
lowering proteins.

• Consumer Finance:
- Acquiring Krefima from KBC in 2003. This was the start of a new division Consumer Finance (assets
then EUR 1.2 billion).
- Change to capital market funding. Securitization of over EUR 1 billion assets within 3 months after acquisition.
- Plan to make a large multi country platform acquiring Arenda (Holland) from ING (2005) and Auxifina (Belgium) from GE Capital (2007).
- In 2005 acquisition of ZA Insurance (term life product). Assets grew to over EUR 3 billion.
After the collapse of Lehmann, consumer mortgages, at peak over EUR 1.5 billion, in run off as capital markets funding model was no longer viable.
- In 2011 we refinanced all remaining assets (EUR 1 billion) from RBS to ING and made a funding
deal for new business with Recordbank (an ING affiliate in Belgium).
- Krefima distribution structure recently sold to Bpost.
- Assets remained with the group and are in final run off.

• Agriculture:
- Acquisition Mechan Holding B.V. Sales in 2002 was less than EUR 70 million.
- Business sales revenue grown to EUR 220 million in 2008; mostly organic, part acquiring
Matermaco Belgium.
- Merger effort with Baiwa AG Germany supported by AGCO group U.S.A. Disagreement over price
and structure.

jan 10 - jan 12

Negotiation of original funding
Interim CFO:
- IPO attempts 2010 - 2012 to list the shares to realize EUR 300 plus million in net worth.
- Refinancing investment portfolio of EUR 750 million of Dutch assets via a CMBS in 2008, reducing
interest costs of original single asset funding by 1% per annum.
- Interim CFO position in Breevast in 2011 to help make a restructuring plan.
- Complex intercreditor agreement between Rabo and RBS in 2010 to align ZBG group funding with Breevast.

• Effort in 2006/2007 to compose a (hostile) bid on stock quoted Vendex N.V.
- Funding support for GBP 2 billion from Barclays UK and West LB UK.
- Partnering with Philip Green (high street "king" in UK), Kingfisher (DIY) and Darty (Electronics).
- Breevast would cover real estate via a sale and lease back of all Benelux real estate.

• Various Board positions in ZBG Luxemburg entities.

jan 99 - dec 00

Hunter Douglas in Rotterdam
Management consulting / M@A:
Completed 5 acquisitions; pipeline of quite a few more.

jan 95 - jan 99

Hunter Douglas Europe in Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Recruited to team up with David Sonneberg in managing Hunter Douglas Europe and taking over CEO
Ralph Sonneberg's helm at a given time.

Additional projects/tasks:
- First big bang (full conversion) software transition from very old platform to SAP.
- Initiator en co-manager of a large reorganization in Holland (20% headcount reduction: total effect
turnaround from NLG 20 million loss to NLG 40 million profit).
- Construction of Kadan assembly factory in Czechia from scratch as central European assembly facility
for Luxaflex and other Hunter Douglas brands.
- Several acquisitions, strategic integration.
- Modernized logistics, reduction of NLG 40 million stock and over NLG 5 million less obsolescence
losses per annum.

jan 91 - jan 94

VRG Graphic Systems
The Netherlands
Combining F&A worldwide for stock quoted VRG's graphic division (NLG 1 billion in sales) and COO Asia

Additional projects/tasks:
- 10 days/month in Asia, supervising 8 countries operationally and financially.
- Several acquisitions in Europe.
- Preparing closing down Italy and co-managing thereafter with receiver. Plan B scenario for all
important corporate/global suppliers.
- Merger with KNP and BT.
- CEO/CFO job Spain (joint venture with Stork) at request Klaas de Kluis.

jan 87 - jan 89

GE Medical Systems
COO/CFO Central Europe at Medical Systems in Frankfurt, Germany:
Responsible for F&A, Logistics/warehouse, vendor finance, in-house sales.
Territory: Benelux, German speaking countries, Eastern Europe.

Additional projects/tasks:
- Within week of arriving in Frankfurt merger with Thomson CGR. Member of merger task force Europe
- Responsible for closing down Thomson plant in Essen (450 employees). Respecting production and on time shipment of order backlog.
- Merging logistics of spare parts GE and Thomson. Contract with UPS saved 90% warehouse space by pushing back spares inventory to French and UK factories.
- Reorganization Thomson Austria and Switzerland.
- Assist Thomson Benelux to integrate GE Medical Benelux.

jan 83 - jan 87

GE Information Services
European Controller:
The Netherlands
Financial management of European data network and services.

Additional projects/tasks:
- Transforming software from mainframe to PC.
- Eliminating 80% of the (my) job by programming it away in Dbase III/IV against promised promotion.

jan 76 - jan 83

Rijksaccountant Dienst
Accountant in The Hague:
The Netherlands
Verification of tax declarations for the Dutch Vennootschapsbelasting.

- Coordinate and provide branch specific information for Fiod operations "Goudtant" and "Cote Azur".
- Large oil companies: Shell, Esso, Petrofina, Chevron and offshore. Self study petrochemics for oil
refining. Discovery of major fraudulent schemes.
- Demonstrated that tanker fleet management operations of some companies were not based in The Netherlands.

jan 74 - jan 76

Versteeg Accountants
Assistant accountant:
The Netherlands
Typical verification of several companies accounts. Prepare/draft reports.




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