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Ik heb ruim 25 jaar bij Robeco gewerkt en kennis en ervaring als bestuurder en CFO/CFRO in Nederland en in de VS en als board member een business aangestuurd in 15 landen met AuM van EUR 300 miljard. In deze functie heb ik mensen aangestuurd op gebieden als finance, risk management, strategie, legal, compliance, fiscaal, IT, HR en Operations. Ook heb ik veel ervaring op het gebied van M&A en heb veel acquisitie projecten gecoordineerd.

Sinds september 2018 heb ik diverse leuke interim opdrachten vervuld en ben ik non-executive director van een groot sovereign wealth fund in het Midden Oosten en part-time betrokken bij een PE initiatief.

Ik ben op zoek naar een leuke nieuwe uitdaging, bij voorkeur op interim basis.

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Proefschrift TILBURG UNIVERSITY 1999 Post doctoraal Afgerond
Bedrijfskunde ERASMUS UNIVERSITY ROTTERDAM 1993 Universiteit Afgerond


jul 19 - heden

Providing leadership, (interim) management and coaching services
  • Providing leadership, (interim) management and coaching services to companies and individuals in the financial sector in The Netherlands. 
  • Since the start, I have worked on 3 interim assignments already. 
  • In addition to these interim assignments, I have also provided CFO services (a few hours each week) to a roll-up private equity initiative in the Dutch secondment sector. 
  • This company is also used for providing the requested services to the Public Investment Fund.

jul 19 - heden

Public Investment Fund
Non-Executive Board member:
Member of the Board Risk Committee. Proving guidance and advice on the Risk Management Function to one of the largest Sovereign Wealth Funds in Saudi Arabia that is growing rapidly and has the ambition to make a significant contribution to the Saudi Arabian Vision 2030 Program.

sep 18 - jun 19


feb 15 - sep 18

member of Robeco Europe & Asia:
  • NL
  • Reporting directly to CEO of Robeco Europe, Asia and to CFO of ORIX Corporation Europe.

jan 17 - dec 17

Business Control
Chairman of the Enterprise Risk Management:
  • Risk Management, Compliance, Legal, Central Purchasing/Facilities, Fiscal Affairs, Product Management, for Private Equity business in Europe/Asia and for Fiduciary Management business servicing pension funds in The Netherlands. 
  • Overseeing about 200 people. Next to coordinating and putting together the new strategy 2017-2021, my main responsibilities consisted of ensuring that the business was well in control, to keep control/monitoring functions aligned with global business development/growth and ensuring this was done correctly and timely in a rapidly changing legal and regulatory environment. 
  • Pro-active interaction with Dutch (AFM and DNB) and international regulators was well received by regulators. • Significant improvement of the pre-tax profit of RIAM from EUR 23 mln in 2013, to EUR 43 mln (2014), EUR 81 mln (2015), EUR 70 mln (2016), EUR 99 mln (2017 including one-off's) and about EUR 130 mln in 2018. 
  • Together with COO, I led and coordinated the outsourcing project to outsource back-office/operations for Robeco Europe/Asia to an external service provider (JP Morgan). 
  • Chairman of the Enterprise Risk Management committee, responsible for Corporate Financial and Operational Risk, ALM and risk management related to client portfolios.
  • Appointed to statutory director of Robeco Europe & Asia in March 2016. The Executive Committee consisted of 3 statutory directors and 4 Senior Managers and had policy- and decision making responsibilities.
  • Appointment to statutory director of RIAM US (subsidiary under SEC supervision) as per January 2017.

dec 15 - dec 16

Robeco Groep NV
CFRO and MB member:
  • NL
  • After the previous CFO left Robeco in April 2015, I assumed the CFO responsibilities with the CEO being formally responsible on an ad-interim basis. 
  • When the new CEO joined in October 2015, I was appointed CFO with a formal appointment as per Dec 1, 2015 (after approval by AFM). Due to AIFMD, I needed to make a choice to either remain CFRO of Robeco Groep NV or continue as CFRO of Robeco Europe/Asia. 
  • I chose the latter as I preferred to be close to the business. 
  • Informally I did the work for Robeco Groep NV until May 2017 (closing ORIX bookyear as per the end of March 2017. 
  • Reporting to Group CEO, Supervisory Board and direct functional reporting line to Head of ORIX Management Information Center (MIC) who reports to ORIX CFO. 
  • Responsible for Group Finance, Business Control, Group Risk Management, Group Legal Affairs, Group Compliance, Corporate Development, Fiscal Affairs, Group Product Management and Central Purchasing/Facilities. 
  • Coordination with Japanese shareholder ORIX also was an important part of the responsibilities.

sep 15 - dec 16

Chief Risk Officer Robeco Groep NV
Chief Risk Officer Robeco Groep NV (a.i.):
  • NL
  • Reporting directly to Group-wide CFO and to chairman of Audit & Risk Committee of Robeco's Supervisory Board
  • Ad-interim responsible for Robeco's Group Risk Management which sets guidelines and policies related to Robeco's Corporate Risk Management, ALM and risk management related to portfolios Robeco manages for its clients.
  • Main contribution was to add forward looking scenario analysis to more backward looking risk measurement/monitoring.

mrt 09 - dec 16

Group Corporate Development & Business Control

jan 15 - jan 16

Group CFO as per May:
  • Closed book-years 2015 and 2016 from statutory perspective as per December 2015 and 2016 as well as the closing of ORIX bookyears as per March 2015, 2016 and 2017 with clean audits by KPMG. 
  • Transitioned to new Group CFO as per May 2017. 
  • Coordinated the transaction and subsequent transfer of the remaining 10% interest of Rabobank in RG NV to ORIX (closed Oct 21, 2016). 
  • Jointly with the other Management Board members responsible for group strategy, group policy making and pro-actively contributed to organizational and governance changes announced in May 2016. These changes, including the transformation into a multi-boutique structure aimed to improve the execution of the group strategy plan 2014-2018 and aligned the organizational responsibilities to AIFMD regulations.
  • Due to AIFMD restrictions, a combination of CFRO for RG NV and CFRO of RIAM/Robeco Europe & Asia was no longer possible, so my RG NV role was formally transferred to my successor in November 2016.

mrt 11 - dec 14

MT Robeco Institutional Asset Management
  • NL 
  • Responsible for chairing the Management Team of Robeco Institutional Asset Management BV, which entity is responsible for all of Robeco's European asset management services for separate accounts for institutional clients, Robeco's exchange listed mutual funds, Robeco's Private Equity Fund of Funds and Robeco's comingled funds. 
  • The management team consists of representatives from Institutional Sales, Investments, Risk Management and Operations and reported to the Management Board of RIAM who was finally responsible for policy- and decision making. 
  • In addition to chairing the team, also responsible for adding the financial discipline to the team.

jan 10 - jan 14

Robeco Group Management Board
Executive Vice President:
  • Responsible for developing and monitoring of Robeco's corporate strategy and organization, Mergers & Acquisitions and coordinating strategic implementation/change projects. Many potential acquisition targets have been analyzed/reviewed and change projects to align the organization to the international growth ambitions have been identified and implemented. 
  • Also closely involved with coordinating and putting together the Robeco Strategy 2010-2014 and Robeco Strategy 2014-2018 together with the Management Board and the implementation of the Strategy Plans.
    • Responsible for coordinating the project as a result of which about 90% of Robeco Group NV was sold by Rabobank to ORIX (closing July 1, 2013) and the subsequent interactions with ORIX in terms of management reporting, financial projections (in relation to ORIX investor relations), audit related matters and the PPA (Purchase Price Allocation). Main contribution was to lead this project and aligning all functional disciplines to achieve end result (closed transaction where buyer, seller and entity being sold were satisfied).
  • Responsible for the annual budget cycle, financial and business control comprising all entities throughout the Robeco Group, liaising with external auditor and acting as deputy group CFO. 
  • Member of the Robeco Group Risk Management Committee and Robeco Group Asset Liability Committee, which reviews and decides on Robeco's balance sheet investments, including risk monitoring and valuations. This included a bank until the closing of the transaction with ORIX as they requested the bank to be transferred to Rabobank.

sep 08 - feb 09

Robeco Alternative & Sustainable Investments
  • NL 
  • Responsible for Finance, Operations, IT, Risk Management, Legal and Compliance of Robeco Alternative & Sustainable Investments business unit, reporting to the member of Robeco's Management Board responsible for this business unit.
  • Robeco Alternative & Sustainable Investments unit consists of a Hedge Fund of Funds division (Sage in US), a sustainable investments division (SAM in CH), a Managed Futures division (Transtrend in NL), a Venture Capital fund management division (VCMfm in UK), a Currency Trading division (AIM in BE), a Private Equity division (in NL and US) and a Structured Finance division in NL. In total about 100 people.
    • Member of the Robeco Group Asset Liability Committee, which reviews and decides on Robeco's balance sheet investments, including risk monitoring and valuations. 
  • This included a bank until the closing of the transaction with ORIX as they requested the bank to be transferred to Rabobank.

apr 05 - aug 08

Group-wide CFO of Robeco Groep NV
CFO & COO Robeco Investment Management, USA Senior Managing Director:
  • Member of the Executive Committee with reporting lines to the CEO of SEC-registered Robeco Investment Management Inc and to the Group-wide CFO of Robeco Groep NV. 
  • Responsible for Finance, Operations, IT, Risk Management and HR of Robeco Investment Management overseeing about 100 people comprising three divisions (Boston Partners Asset Management, Sage Capital and Weiss, Peck & Greer) and locations in New York, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
  • Led and coordinated the outsourcing of the back office/operations to an external service provider (Bank of New York Mellon). 
  • Responsible for the financial reporting according to IFRS and US GAAP and the implementation and monitoring/supervision of SOX 404 compliance. 
  • Member of the Robeco Group Asset Liability Committee, which reviews and decides on Robeco's balance sheet investments, including risk monitoring and valuations 
  • Responsible for the creation of Robeco US Holding, a holding company comprising RIM, RIAM US and Harbor Capital Advisors. 
  • CFO of two SEC-registered investment funds (fund of hedge funds), the Robeco-Sage Triton Fund and the Robeco-Sage MultiStrategy Fund.
  • Responsible for managing the non-investments department integration of three separate divisions into one organization and for managing the process to increase profitability from around break-even to operating margins above 30% by selling off parts that were not profitable, outsourcing the back-office and by aligning/downsizing the organization to function more efficiently and effectively.

apr 05 - jul 08

Group-wide CFO of Robeco Groep NV
CEO & Treasurer Robeco Institutional Asset Management US:
  • USA
  • Responsible for leading and coordinating the cross-selling effort of selling investment products managed by Robeco in Europe to US clients as well as the financials of SEC-registered RIAM US Inc. Total AuM of these efforts amounted to $ 1.8 bln and consist mainly of EAFE Equity and Emerging Markets Equity products as well as other equity and fixed income products.

jul 02 - mrt 05

Group-wide CFO of Robeco Groep NV
Head Corporate Marketing & Intermediary Fund Distribution:
  • NL
    Executive Vice President 
  • Responsible for Robeco's pan-European marketing campaigns for the retail, intermediary and institutional businesses in various European countries (Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany and Spain) 
  • Together with local country managers responsible for developing and implementing marketing/sales strategies and plans to setup and grow Robeco's intermediary distribution businesses in respective countries. 
  • Responsible for Robeco's product development and product maintenance departments, including moving/merging part of Robeco's Dutch product range to its Luxembourg product range.

jan 00 - jul 02

Boston Partners Asset Management
Head Corporate Strategy Development & Acquisitions:
  • NL
    Senior Vice President
  • Responsible for the development and monitoring of Robeco's corporate strategy and organizational structure. A five year strategy was developed and the organizational structure was changed from a functional to a business unit organizational structure. 
  • In addition, responsible for Robeco's acquisition strategy and three successful acquisitions were done during the 2.5 years: (1) Boston Partners Asset Management (institutional value equity company) in Boston, (2) Sage Capital (fund of hedge funds company) in New York and (3) Transtrend (managed futures company) in Rotterdam.

okt 97 - jan 00

pan-European distribution
Head Product Development:
  • NL
    Vice President
  • Responsible for the introduction of new products and product maintenance in the Netherlands.
  • Responsible for the creation and maintenance of Robeco's Luxembourg mutual fund platform that is eligible for pan-European distribution. 
  • Products introduced consisted of equity products, fixed income products, structured products and principal guaranteed products.

nov 96 - okt 97

pan-European distribution
Institutional Sales:
Institutional Sales and providing support in terms of answering RFP's, preparing and giving product related presentations to pension consultants and institutional clients/prospects.

jun 93 - nov 96

pan-European distribution
Project Manager:
  • NL 
  • Responsible for the development and implementation of a new portfolio accounting system which was a proprietary developed system. 
  • In conjunction with the coordination of the new system, responsible for the redesign of the front-to-back office and back-office processes, streamlining the processes and ensuring straight-through processing.




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